Jazz Singer

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Track 1: Easy Street
Track 4: My Romance
Track 6: It Could Happen To You

CD's are $14.99 each

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"Earla is a beautiful singer." -- Chet Baker

"Singer Earla Porch counts jazz trumpeter Chet Baker and Rex Reed among her admirers, ...and they just might know what they're talking about!" -- Derek Taylor, Cadence Magazine

"Earla Porch is a rare find among vocalists." -- Brian Mc Tavish, jazz writer for the Kansas City Star

"She expresses great emotional and narrative power through precise application of her finely tuned vocal skills" -- J.W. Wilson, The New York Times

"Earla Porch is a jazz singer known to afficianados for her exceptional clarity of tone and natural gift for interpreting the lyrics of musical standards. Described by the late, great Chet Baker as a beautiful singer, Earla captures an audience with her musicality and phenomenal strength of emotion. She is one of a very few vocalists that can make a standard sound new. She accomplishes this, not by over-the-top vocal dramatization, but by a solid understanding of the music and a sensitivity to what the lyricist is trying to express through the composition.

"Collections" and "Satin and Smoke" represent the culmination of her efforts to date. Both CDs have met with excellent reviews and are modestly priced for such a treasure in sound. Recorded over the course of two years, "Collections" is a wonderful mix of both live club dates and studio recordings. Earla is very much at home on the stand, whether it be a club in the Roppongi district of Tokyo or a Kansas City recording studio a few blocks from where she lives. This is a CD full of spirit and surprises. "Satin and Smoke" is her very latest release, recorded in southwestern Connecticut. This is perhaps her landmark recording - showing all the mastery that only many years of high calibre performance can provide.

"Take the time to listen to the music samples here on this site and I know you'll agree. Another facet of Earla's talent is visual. She has developed into an accomplished artist. Her visceral abstract sculpture and powerful line drawings show the same combination of strength and delicacy that is so inherent in her vocal style. Her visual art may be viewed by accessing her other web site via this link."
-- L. Lea Somerset, contributor to The Village Voice, The Boston Herald, and The New York Times